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Why Facilitation?

Why Facilitation? One of my most important learnings in 40 years of working with groups is that … The group always knows best, even if it doesn’t know that it knows. I’ve learned the importance of being conscious of and using the collective wisdom of the group, which, when working with groups, ultimately defines my Read More

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Limiting Lenses

Limiting Lenses What are we seeing when we open our eyes? What are we seeing when we look? What are we understanding when we look and see and hear? … …. What is colouring my perspective when I look at whatever I am looking at and see whatever I am seeing? This is such an Read More

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Getting Clear about Culture

Getting Clear about Culture If we don’t understand the essence of culture … We can’t work with Organisation Culture We can’t do effective work in the field of Diversity We can’t support corporate clients or individuals in Transcending Cultural Barriers Core concepts of Culture are … self dynamic nature flowing WITH … not in themselves; Read More

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Maybe I’m a little old-fashioned …

Maybe I’m a little old-fashioned … Two conversations yesterday (one negative, one positive) reminded me of this blog that I posted on another website many years ago. The negative conversation: A potential business partner was late for a scheduled call “I’ll call you” stated the invitation. No big problem. There was not even the hint Read More

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Coaching with Intentions and Intuition

Coaching with Intentions and Intuition Client: “What kind of coaching certification do you have?” Me: “None. I don’t believe in them.” Client: “Wonderful!” The first time I was asked to coach someone was 1993. I’d never really thought about coaching before this, but this didn’t seem to matter to the CFO who had heard about Read More


VUCA – So What? …

VUCA – So what? … VUCA is an acronym created by the US military (a bad start) that has become trendy while pretending to describe the unique situation of our world today. It doesn’t. It describes the narrow mechanistic mindset of those who created the term. V – Volatility. U – Uncertainty. C – Complexity Read More

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Change Management is an Oxymoron

Change Management is an Oxymoron Change is ubiquitous.  It is, and always has been, simply an element of our dynamic world. In organisations, change may happen as the consequence of external events or a new desired status may be defined. However, the “change” cannot be managed. We can define and manage elements of the technical Read More


Generating the Space that Enables People to Engage

Generating the Space that Enables People to Engage If you want people to actively engage with and shape a change initiative, you have to create an environment that enables them to do so. If you want a group of people to work as a generative aligned eco-system (e.g. Team, Project, Community, Company, Organisation), you have Read More