When Digitalisation goes Pear-Shaped

When Digitalisation goes Pear-Shaped In a recent conversation with the General Manager of small construction company, I heard the ultimate nightmare of digitalisation gone pear-shaped. You have probably heard about last week’s cyber-attack in which hackers are attempting to blackmail businesses by closing down their systems. Well, one of the victims is one of Europe’s Read More


Change: Elegantly Simple vs. Naively Simplistic

Change: Elegantly Simple vs. Naively Simplistic Life is complex, highly complex. We live in an interconnected interdependent interrelated world. Indeed, life is so complex that we will probably never completely understand it … whatever „understand“ may mean here. It is also dynamic, therefore unpredictable. From the continuously expanding field of work on complex systems, we Read More

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Understanding Diversity

Understanding Diversity It’s genuinely refreshing to hear a world leader speaking out positively and constructively on Diversity as Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada did at Davos last week: „Diversity is the engine of invention. It generates creativity that enriches the world.“ And perhaps this will help create a drive towards a genuine understanding of Read More


The Quality of the Dialogue in the Room

The Quality of the Dialogue in the Room I recently had a fascinating conversation with a journalist who works with a Directors institute. She referred to research with Corporate Board Members who, when asked about the differentiators between their successful and unsuccessful Management Teams, invariably referred to Human Behaviour, highlighting the „Quality of the Dialogue Read More

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Tear Up the Boxes

Tear Up the Boxes On 12th November, the day of the terrorist attacks in Lebanon and one day before those in Paris, a conference delegate approached me in confusion following my interactive keynote address entitled „Reframing Intercultural Education“. „You’ve torn up all of my boxes,“ she said, referring to my direct challenge to our habit Read More

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The Power of „I don’t know“

The Power of „I don’t know“ During the past three months, I’ve been confronted with the following challenges from colleagues and clients … „This approach would not work with Indians.“ (from a colleague who has never been to India and never worked with Indians) „I think in terms of the ‚average client‘.“ (from a colleague) Read More