Licence: cultureQs Professional Facilitator

This is everything I hoped for … and much more!
(A cultureQs Facilitator at the end of the Certification Programme)

Effective use of cultureQs requires highly skilled facilitation as well as an intimate understanding of how the components and principles are interwoven to naturally draw out and work with the complexity of human interaction.

To ensure quality delivery, cultureQs is available exclusively to internal and external Facilitators and Consultants who have completed the 2-day cultureQs Licenced Professional Facilitator Programme.

The Programme:

  • will enable you to consult, prepare, facilitate and debrief workshops and interventions, using cultureQs to accelerate value creation for clients in any change and integration process.
  • gives you access to cultureQs Professional in multiple languages – available exclusively to Licenced cultureQs Professional Facilitators.

Public programmes can be run anywhere in the world. Colleagues interested in cooperating to organise a Programme in any location are invited to contact me.

Exclusive Certification Programmes for Corporations and Organisations who wish to certify a group of internal facilitators are available. Please contact me.

cultureQs Professional Facilitator Training - General 2018

D-cultureQs Professional Facilitator Training - General 2017_Final

Upcoming public programmes:

19-20 July 2018. Munich, Germany cultureQs Professional Facilitator Training - July 2018


From time to time we facilitate short open workshops -  in English or German - that enable participants to experience and benefit from the impact of cultureQs at a deeper level than that possible in conference sessions, including ...

cultureQs: A Transformation Accelerator (Details)
Currently, locations in which sessions are planned for 2016 include London, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Toronto.

We welcome enquiries from colleagues interested in cooperating to organise local workshops. Do feel free to .


Are you looking for ways to mobilise participants at an event you are planning?

Conferences and Events are opportunities for experts to engage and learn with each other.
All too often, participants spend most of the time listening to talks and too little actually engaging and learning WITH each other.

Perhaps you need an Interactive Keynote that connects people quickly via meaningful conversations around the core theme of your event?
This is what happens when 110 participants engage at the start of a conference:
Perhaps you would like an interactive workshop that enables people to directly experience the impact that cultureQs can have in Organisation Change initiatives?

Wonderful! Do and we'll make it happen.

Planned Events include ...

27 September 2018, Munich Germany. Naomi Isaacs, Founder of the Institute of Charismology has kindly invited me to facilitate a workshop using cultureQs to uncover the hidden potential that we all carry with us. This may be in English or German. Additional details will be published closer to the date.

Events which I have presented at or organised include ...

25 October 2017, Essen, Germany. The Paradox of Leadership with Nora Bateson. We are very pleased to host this unique opportunity to take yourself on a fascinating journey with Nora Bateson's refreshing approach to Leadership in a messy world that has lost its way. Do join us ...

29 June 2017. Hamburg, Germany. Catalysing Change through Diaologic Conversations (in German). Further details soon.

28 June 2017. Cologne, Germany. Dancing with Culture, Flowing with Change. Shaping Collaborative Sustainable Workplaces. A full-day deep dive discovery journey full of insights and profound yet easy-to-use tools that you can apply immediatly. Register here:

21 June 2017. Munich, Germany. Catalysing Change through Diaologic Conversations (in German).

9 June. Hannover, Germany, Das AgenturCamp.New Work.

30-31 May. Berlin, Germany, Das AgenturCamp. Agenturen im Aufbruch.

5 May 2017. Free cultureQs Webinar / Demo. 18.00-19.00 CEST.

3 May 2017, Barcelona, Spain. Catalysing Change by Shaping a Dynamic Collaborative Workplace (in Partnership with Miguel Canas of Agendum).

21 April 2017, Berlin, Germany. The Paradox of Leadership with Nora Bateson. We are very pleased to host this unique opportunity to take yourself on a journey with Nora Bateson's refreshing approach to Leadership in a messy world that has lost its way. Do join us ...

19 April 2017, Berlin, Germany. PMI (Project Managment institute), Berlin Chapter. How can we Consciously Shape a Dynamic Project Culture.

18 April 2017, Berlin, Germany. International Coaching Federation, Berlin Chapter. (This event will be in German.)

23 February 2017, Munich, Germany. Catalysing Change through Diaologic Conversations (in German).

07 December 2016. Free Webinar at 09.00 - 10.00 CET / 16.00 - 17.00 WST. "You can accelerate alignment for change while focusing on the business … want to find out how?" - Do join Ro Gorell, Charlotte Mawle and myself if you are interested in benefitting from cultureQs:

22-23 November 2016, Berlin, Germany. Knowledge Camp 2016 - Annual Event of the GfWM (Society for Knowledge Management in Germany)

20 October 2016, Dresden, Germany. PMI (Project Management Institute, Local Chapter, Dresden)

14-15 October 2016, Barcelona. EODF Annual Conference.

08-09 October 2016, Berlin. Entrepreneurship Summit (in German).

06-07 July 2016, London, UK. Spark The Change.

09-10 June 2016, Toronto, Canada. Spark The Change.

03-05 June 2016, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. Agile Coach Camp Canada East.

27-28 April 2016, Sunningdale, UK. ODN Europe Annual Conference.

07-08 April 2016, Hamburg, Germany. Corporate Culture Camp (in German).

26 September 2015, Berlin. Future Ready Now.

02-03 October 2015, Milan. EODF Annual Conference.

24-25 October 2015, Berlin. Entrepreneurship Summit (in German).

11-14 November 2015, Malta. Businet Annual Conference. Keynote Speaker: Reframing Intercultural Education.