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    Licenced cultureQs Facilitators have exclusive access to cultureQs Professional materials. Skilled and experienced across a broad range of professions and sectors, many are at home in multiple locations around the world.  If you are a facilitator or change agent interested in adding value for your clients by accelerating change and integration processes, please check details of our Certification Programme or with your Questions. Organisations interested in certifying a number of internal consultants are invited to to open a conversation on your needs. While we are borderless, we will not compromise on our core principles of integrity, authenticity, quality.

    Eric Lynn

    Eric Lynn.

    Berlin, Germany.

    “Good Purposeful Work with Good People” is the professional guideline I set myself some years ago, with the aim of removing barriers to cooperation and genuine human interaction. The initial idea for cultureQs was born in 2002 with a focus on international management and project teams in the corporate sector. With 30 years personal experience on 4 continents, I now apply its principles of deep engagement and serious fun to my work as a facilitator and coach focusing on Cultural Integration, Change and Aligned Leadership in a variety of sectors. Further information …

    Angela Hector

    Angela Hector.

    London, UK.

    Angela is an innovative Business Change and Communications professional, achieving excellence within a broad range of industry sectors. Angela understands business objectives rapidly and has the drive and energy to translate them into effective change management strategies for wide-ranging communities. Angela’s main focus is to deliver IT-enabled change to make a business fit for the future, whilst focusing on the impact to teams and individuals. Angela’s biggest reward is when new processes are adapted to suit local cultural, regulatory and business requirements without losing the sense of being part of a wider organisational transformation. Angela’s ability to listen and then position required change with diplomacy is critical to her success in ensuring the business adopts new ways of working. Further information …

    Barbara Leuner

    Barbara Leuner.

    Aarau, Switzerland.

    Barbara supports strategic, structural and cultural change processes for corporations as well as not-for-profit organisations. She focuses on leadership, conflict resolution and cultural diversity at all levels to promote a more human world. She values relationship building, forming sincere and deep connections between people by leading dialogue between equals. People are empowered to more consciously fulfill their different roles and thereby shape and develop their business environment. Further information …

    Christian Rieckmann

    Christian Rieckmann.

    Kassel, Germany.

    For the past 20 years, Christian has been working as a consultant and facilitator for organizational change and leadership development. In addition, he coaches executives towards sucessfully implementing change in their organizations, and is a lecturer on the “Master of Multidimensional Consultancy of Organizations” progamme at the University of Kassel. Before founding Corporate Alignment Consulting CoAlCon® in 1994, he was HR Manager, internal consultant, facilitator and trainer at Daimler and Rubbermaid Home Organization Products. Christian views facilitation as a key approach to tackling the growing challenge of intercultural encounters in communities and business. Further information …

    Deborah Preuss

    Deborah Preuss.

    Karlsruhe, Germany.

    Deborah is a connector and collaborator who helps changemakers increase meaning and joy in their workplaces with her warm and intuitive coaching approach, kindling the potential of individuals and teams into flame. Her co-creations include unconferences, like Play4Agile and the international, viral AgileCoachCamp; a card game teaching influence strategies in 6 languages; and the international Stoos Network, a movement to catalyse organizational change. Deb is an ICF certified life coach whose multicultural journey spans five decades, two continents, business, government and NGO, journalism, systems analysis and the fine arts. Further information …

    Dominik Ruppen

    Dominik Ruppen.

    Zurich, Switzerland.

    For more than 10 years I have been a support, coach and consultant for individuals, groups and organizations in conflict, change and development processes. My understanding of consultancy is marked by a holistic approach to organizations and development processes. The solution-focused approach, appreciative communication and structure constellation has strongly influenced my recent work and helped to find creative and efficient ways to work with my clients. In 2011, with 6 experiences colleagues, I founded wirknetz.ch – which specializes in complex organizational development processes and conflict resolution. Further information …

    Elissa Farrow

    Elissa Farrow.

    Brisbane, Australia.

    Elissa is an experienced mediator, coach, facilitator and consultant in portfolio, programme, project and change management. Her business, About Your Transition, is a reflection of her strong community and capability development focus, with an impactful approach to organisational and individual change. She enjoys presenting at conferences and blogging on change and strategy topics, and when not working, bringing people together for good conversations and fun social activities. Elissa is cultureQs prime contact in Australasia with a commitment to developing our community, as well as creating ways to bring about positive and sustainable change. Further information …

    Françoise de Waele

    Françoise de Waele.

    Brussels, Belgium.

    Françoise is Head of the International Relations Office and a lecturer in communication and management at EPHEC, a Brussels-based business school. She facilitates workshops in intercultural communication for business students and prepares them for academic exchange programmes in universities around the world. She is interested in change management and convinced of the need for people to exchange perspectives on their different approaches to life in order to foster collaboration. Her ambition is to help young people better understand who they are and become better citizens of the world. Further information …

    Heike Maurer

    Heike Maurer.

    Bad Homburg/Frankfurt, Germany.

    Heike is not only an experienced and highly engaged Coach and Trainer in the banking sector, she is also a Human Resources professional with more than 20 years of experience, in a domestic and international environment. She loves working with people to overcome the ever-present challenges posed by communication and change. Her coaching motto: “You have to try the impossible to achieve the possible.” (Hermann Hesse). Heike designs processes to enable individuals and teams to get out of their comfort zone, learn and develop. Further information …

    Jerónimo Palacios

    Jerónimo Palacios.

    London, UK.

    Jerónimo is an Agile Coach. He supports large corporations transition from process-centric to value-centric organisations, working at strategic level with top management and C-execs as well as functional teams. He focuses on people, energising organisations by pointing to barriers in communication while supporting individuals to create new ways of working as the key factor to sparking cultural change. He has a proven track record of success in Telco, Banking and the Public Sector and owns a portfolio of techniques and frameworks to achieve these aspirations. His area of influence includes the UK, Continental Europe and South America. Further information …

    Karen Schmidt

    Karen Schmidt.

    Berlin, Germany.

    Co-founder of Becota, 2009. We work in teams across organizational boundaries with the mission to “connect perspectives for solutions that matter”. Our purpose is to help people to make a difference through how they lead, manage, and design their projects or processes. With 15 years experience in different sectors including management and consulting roles, my passion is connecting what works in different worlds. Here, we bring people (rather than theories) with their perspectives together. I love how cultureQs allows people to connect and accept differences with ease. It brings the gift of open mind and fun. Further information …

    Manfred della Schiava

    Manfred della Schiava.

    Vienna, Austria.

    Manfred is the owner and managing partner of the Wissens-Berater network (1995), focusing on knowledge management, the future of work (workplace innovation) and the organisation of the future. He has knowledge and experience in guiding Social Business Transformation processes in many different organisations and countries. He works with individuals as well as for organisations with a personal mission is to support human beings in business environments to achieve wellbeing, which is the key to achieve a healthy, inspiring and productive work-life. His fundamental consulting principle is from thinking to feeling. Manfred is author of numerous German-language books, is an accomplished public speaker, and enjoys yoga, Ayurveda cooking, skiing in the mountains and the music of Mozart and Jazz. Further information …

    Marc Lehmann

    Marc Lehmann.

    Zurich, Switzerland.

    As a business unit leader and consultant working for a major Swiss software service provider, Marc helps projects and organizations to improve their effectiveness in software projects. Being a trained engineer with a natural interest in social aspects of teams and projects, Marc’s current focus is mainly on multi-national and multi-cultural project setups and shoring collaborations that have a significant aspect of organizational or personal change for those involved. Further information …

    Marc van Hooft

    Marc van Hooft.

    Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

    I am a designer and facilitator of participative change programs and interventions, and managing partner of MPuls Organisation Development, where we believe in the huge potential of energy, creativity and intelligence available to realize ambitions and solve problems in any organisation. My passion … Doing organisation design, integration processes, culture change and strategy development work involving the whole system while achieving breakthroughs by inspiring leaders and connecting people. I have over 20 years of consulting experience, gained in a wide range of organizations including FrieslandCampina, Alliander, Nuon, Strukton Rail, BASF, Xerox, Verkade, Auping, various government agencies and Dutch Union organizations. Further information …

    Michael Schatzschneider

    Michael Schatzschneider.

    Bonn, Germany.

    As the son of a German diplomat, I was produced in Paris but born in London and then spent many years in South Korea, New Zealand, Germany, Pakistan, Australia, India, and Laos. By now, I have lived and worked in over 50 countries. After my initial degree in Social Sciences I undertook further tertiary studies in HR Development & Organisational Development as well as Systemic Management. This broad Anglo-Saxon-German background assists me in providing and facilitating multi-facetted services to individual clients and groups both pragmatically and efficiently, always focussing on both processes and results. Further information …

    Olivier Rivière

    Olivier Rivière.

    Munich, Germany and Paris, France.

    Over 25 years in international management positions, have taught me that in order to perform, a team needs both a System and a strong sense of its collective identity. As a consultant, I help organisations implement Management Systems that stand for inclusion, motivation, and engagement. In general, my consulting focuses on general Managerial Dynamic and on Advanced Sales and Marketing, with a strong emphasis on Culture and Identity. I am a passionate European and Trilingual (French, German, English). I lecture on Commercial Strategy in a Business School and regularly write and speak on a range of topics. Further information …

    Paul Westlake

    Paul Westlake.

    Helsinki, Finland.

    Originality is perhaps my key word. Having worked as a teacher trainer and communications facilitator for over 30 years, I have been able to add my own touch to cultural understanding and integration. I have had over 50 major pedagogical titles published, mainly in Northern Europe, and am at present deeply committed to electronic learning materials. My sideline, as a professional stand-up comedian in Finnish, has enhanced and enriched my intercultural teaching. My CV also includes broadcasting, presentations training and video productions in both the private and public sectors. I enjoy energizing people. Further information …

    Stefanie Moser

    Stefanie Moser.

    Bern, Switzerland.

    For more than 10 years, Stefanie has been facilitating change in various organisations with Trans4m. To involve parties concerned with all their knowledge and potential and to help them focus on viable action is crucial to her. Instead of talking about organizational development she enables true experience. By experimenting she supports a learning culture where people learn from mistakes and adapt their system continuously. New and innovative theories like Design Thinking and responsive organisations (i.e. Holacracy) complete her profile as change management expert. Further information …

    Thierry Roussin

    Thierry Roussin.

    Paris, France.

    Advisor, architect, iconoclast, and engaged supporter to those that won’t settle for the status quo, I am the founder of AguiaLabs, a networked consultancy that designs and builds business models that are relevant to the future, where my job is about linking individuals and organizations around societal challenges in order to create alternative solutions that have impact. I bring to this process an extensive experience in innovative business creation for start-ups and large organizations in various sectors in North America, Europe and Asia, as well as in accelerating transformations through collaborative process design and facilitation. My motto: “think different, just do it, together”. Further information …

    Tobias Meijll

    Tobias Meijll.

    Breda, The Netherlands.

    Toby is an enthusiastic change consultant and Certified Process Facilitator (IAF). As a Managing Partner at MPuls organization development, he designs and leads participative change programs and large-scale interventions for client organisations. He strongly believes that in order to realise sustainable change, not only the right content, but also the right approach is crucial. Toby is driven by the challenge of mobilising the energy of people to release creative potential and intelligence in organisations. Further information …

    Ursel Biester

    Ursel Biester.

    Berlin, Germany.

    Ursel is a Coach and experienced Facilitator for Design Thinking. She is a co-creator of The Journey Network, a global network of people who journey beyond the status quo of their lives, seeking for meaning, purpose and a personal answer to real needs in the world. In addition, she develops learning material for transformative learning. With a background in adult education and as a Kaospilot, she engages her passion for change and community-building. Ursel enjoys being part of early start-up phases of new ventures, which she supports with analytical thinking and creative energy. Further information …
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    With our extensive worldwide network, we encourage cooperation with organisations and professionals in a range of sectors who share our values. Some are listed here, others prefer to remain in the background. If you are interested in partnering with us, do feel free to .  


    AguiaLabs is a networked consultancy that seeds and facilitates the creation of business that are relevant to the future by bringing together businesses, funders and the community, in order to generate positive and measurable economic, social and political outcomes, addressing local, national or international challenges.

    Gurteen Knowledge Website

    The Gurteen Knowledge website is primarily a resource for the Gurteen Knowledge Community although it is open to eveyone. The Community is a global learning community of over 13,000 people in 145 countries across the world. The community is for people who are committed to making a difference: people who wish to share and learn from each other and who strive to see the world differently, think differently and act differently.


    Coemerge supports enterprises find the intrinsic change factors that leverage team talents through facilitation, coaching and training. We focus on creating organisations sustained by people that are proud to be part of them.


    GPM Global is an organization dedicated to the advancement of the practical application of sustainable project management practices to decouple environmental degradation and economic growth through education and the PRiSM methodology and P5. The approach imparts new ways in achieving business objectives while reducing waste and resources consumption helping organizations around the world build skills that enable them to participate in and contribute to a healthy economy with a commitment to environmental stewardship.

    Die Wissensberater

    Die Wissens-Berater, Knowledge-Consultants support human beings in business environments to achieve wellbeing and life-balance. Our network consultants design and guide social business transformation processes related to the “future of work”, the “new world of work (NWoW)” and the “organisation of the future”. The meaningful and mindful integration of the organisation culture is a key success factor in self-leadership and social-leadership development programmes as well as in social business transformation processes.

    p2p foundation

    The P2P Foundation is an international organization focused on studying, researching, documenting and promoting peer to peer practices in a very broad sense. This website is our knowledge commons and it’s collaboratively built by our community.

    Anne Gutberlet

    Corporate Design. Brochures. Flyers. Film concepts. Digital Illustration.