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Reclaiming Our Values

Reclaiming Our Values It’s now fairly common to hear organisation leaders talking about values. And this can only be positive. I frequently ask myself however whether this is because they truly believe in and see the significance of values in our life – great – or, whether they are following a trend – not so Read More

Integration-Inclusion Distinction

‘Diversity and Inclusion’ … Seriously?

Diversity and Inclusion … Seriously? Every self-respecting large organisation these days has somebody with responsibility for « Diversity and Inclusion » or perhaps « Inclusion and Diversity » policy. Their job titles may occasionally even describe them as strategists. It goes without saying that their websites and annual reports will emphasize their efforts in creating a more ‘inclusive’ organisation. Read More

cQs Intercultural Glossary

Intercultural Glossary

Intercultural Glossary This Intercultural Glossary reflects my beliefs, values and life experience. I am well-aware that some of the definitions here may reflect neither those to be found in standard references nor common usage. This is conscious, as common usage is frequently inaccurate, superficial or even deliberately misleading, in that it may follow a hidden Read More

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Purpose, Motivation, Engagement

Purpose, Motivation, Engagement We so often hear business leaders talking about the challenge of motivating people. They don’t understand. We can’t positively motivate anyone. Motivation is intrinsic. However, where there is a clear business need, we can invite people to engage in any change initiative by genuinely appealing to their emotions … purpose drives us. Read More


« Where are you from? » … The Question that is so often asked yet has such limited meaning …

« Where are you from? » … The Question that is so often asked yet has such limited meaning … I recently gave an interactive keynote session entitled « Re-framing and Re-sensing: Towards a Borderless World » at the International Cultural Education Symposium in St. Pölten, Austria. Using cultureQs, delegates were provoked to reflect on the background to their Read More

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Change and Transformation

Change and Transformation We frequently experience the terms « Change » and « Transformation » being used interchangeably, especially in the organisation development sector and the wanna-be-sexy-start-up world. They are not at all the same. Change is pervasive. It accompanies us through life. We grow, we evolve, we develop. It may be biological, such as how our body and Read More


(Mis-)Representing the Fundamentals of Change … An Ethical Question?

(Mis-)Representing the Fundamentals of Change … An Ethical Question? I attended an interesting international conference earlier this month which, not unusually, had a programme over-subscribed with keynote speeches. One of these keynotes concerned itself with managing change. The abstract referred to « some of the fundamental reasons why transformational change is difficult ». The speaker is a Read More


From Conflict to Creation via Dialogue

From Conflict to Creation via Dialogue The current news is dominated by the question of whether The President of the USA is going to give an order to « bomb Syria » because they believe the President of Syria used chemical weapons on the population. It doesn’t matter which side used these despicable weapons. Murdering more people Read More