I said no to a new global client today and it felt good

I said no to a new global client today and it felt good.

And, even better, the client expressed complete understanding for my reasons.

Last Monday I conducted a bilingual demonstration of cultureQs at the Project Management Summit in Munich. At the end of the session, I was surrounded by people wanting additional information, including an engineer from an aircraft manufacturer who begged for my card to pass on to her husband in the same company: « This is exactly what he needs to solve his challenges with the new senior international team he has just inherited. He’ll call you. »

This afternoon, Alfred called and outlined his challenges. I would love to have supported him but I couldn’t – for ethical reasons. Alfred’s portfolio focused on the development and sales of combat aircraft. And many years ago, I vowed for ethical reasons not to work with arms manufacturers or the military.

I enjoyed the end of the conversation in which Alfred thanked me for listening and recognised the importance of living by one’s values.