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Limiting Lenses

Limiting Lenses What are we seeing when we open our eyes? What are we seeing when we look? What are we understanding when we look and see and hear? … …. What is colouring my perspective when I look at whatever I am looking at and see whatever I am seeing? This is such an Read More


Moving Towards Solutions … Together … Fast!

Moving Towards Solutions … Together  … Fast! You’ve got a complex challenge, maybe even a problem. Everybody is under pressure. There’s little space and of course no time. It’s draining resources and costing you money. None of which interests the problem … which remains blissfully unaware … still needing to be solved. Everyone has an Read More

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Questioning Beliefs …

Questioning Beliefs … I grew up learning to Question … it came naturally as I realised that the answers and norms that society was presenting to me during my childhood in London seemed to fit neither with the reality I was living nor with the stories I was hearing at home. And so subconsciously, I Read More

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Understanding Diversity

Understanding Diversity It’s genuinely refreshing to hear a world leader speaking out positively and constructively on Diversity as Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada did at Davos last week: “Diversity is the engine of invention. It generates creativity that enriches the world.” And perhaps this will help create a drive towards a genuine understanding of Read More

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Purpose, Motivation, Engagement

Purpose, Motivation, Engagement We so often hear business leaders talking about the challenge of motivating people. They don’t understand. We can’t positively motivate anyone. Motivation is intrinsic. However, where there is a clear business need, we can invite people to engage in any change initiative by genuinely appealing to their emotions … purpose drives us. Read More

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Change and Transformation

Change and Transformation We frequently experience the terms “Change” and “Transformation” being used interchangeably, especially in the organisation development sector and the wanna-be-sexy-start-up world. They are not at all the same. Change is pervasive. It accompanies us through life. We grow, we evolve, we develop. It may be biological, such as how our body and Read More


From Conflict to Creation via Dialogue

From Conflict to Creation via Dialogue The current news is dominated by the question of whether The President of the USA is going to give an order to “bomb Syria” because they believe the President of Syria used chemical weapons on the population. It doesn’t matter which side used these despicable weapons. Murdering more people Read More

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Most Projects Fail … But they needn’t

Most Projects Fail … But they needn’t Most projects fail. Most management teams experience people-related conflict. This is a business problem. It’s not just expensive. It’s a totally unnecessary waste of money, as well as being a drain on people’s psychological resources – which can be more expensive and disturbing still. Projects fail due to Read More