Cultivating Healthy Organisations
Customised Private Executive Education Program

Cultivating Healthy Organisations is now available as a customised Inhouse Program for Organisations.

What do you understand by Healthy?
What do you understand when you talk about the Health of your company?

To what extent can you claim that your company is truly healthy?
Unless you are one of a small minority of businesses, it’s unlikely that you can.

Yet …
Who am I without my health?
How can I possibly thrive without health?

If an organisation is not consciously trying to thrive, why does it even exist.

Health is holistic.
We work with the whole organisation as one entity.

The purpose of the program? … To add value for your company and all who are associated with it.

The program outline in the brochure is intended as an overview of the interrelated themes we cover.
Your precise needs – which we’ll ascertain together during the preliminary diagnosis – will determine the design, content, time frame and style of your program.

Please note:
When the health environment again permits, this program will be available as an off-site retreat.

Program brochure: Cultivating Healthy Organisations_Private Executive Education Program

The fundamental ideas for this program are detailed in my book, Dancing with Change

Please contact me for an initial conversation to ascertain how I can support you.