Cultivating Healthy Organisations
Executive Briefing Program
An Overview

Is your Organisation Healthy?
I mean really … Healthy … with a capital ‘H’?

If so, I’d love to hear about it and what you are doing to enable it to be and remain Healthy.
I’d also love to hear which criteria you are using to determine the Health of your Organisation.

Because …
In my experience … and I admit that my experience is limited in just the same way that we all have limited experience … truly Healthy Organisations are few and far between.
In fact, according to the essential characteristics of Organisation Health that I’ve outlined in Dancing with Change, I have never encountered a single one … which, of course, does not mean that they don’t exist.

It’s time to change this …
… which is the reason I am now, in cooperation with the Enlightened Enterprise Academy, offering this 10 x 90-minute online Programme.

Cultivating Healthy Organisations

The focus of this programme is the Question:
“How can we Cultivate a Healthy Organisation?”

Leaders, Decision Makers in organisations and experienced consultants will all benefit.
For any experienced leader, it should be clear that, having completed the programme, they will not be able to waive a magic wand, implement 5/7/8/10-key-steps-to-heavenly-success, and then sit back to rest on their laurels.

Magical Models for living organisms do not exist.
This is not how organisations work.
This is not the way to design Meaningful Generative Change Initiatives.

Participants will find themselves in a practical Reflection and Question Space, challenged to consider their perspectives of how interactions in organisations bring them to life, while simultaneously contemplating how life could be in their organisation … IF … they were willing to cultivate an environment enabling it to truly thrive.

This is how the Programme will look …

The title of each session represents the primary focus for the day. The themes are all intertwined with one another.

The following principles run through the entire programme to reflect that …

An organisation is a community in which people work.

Organisations are Living Organisms.

  • Life is relational.
  • Health is a holistic phenomenon.
  • We work with the organisation as one entity.
  • Fragmented thinking inevitably causes conflict.
  • The border of the organisation is not the border of the organisation’s system.
  • Everybody in the organisation’s system is responsible for its health.
  • Change is the Essence of Life … we work with this essence.
  • Organisation Change and Personal Change are inseparable bedfellows.
  • Every Question constitutes an invitation.

Discover how to Cultivate Healthy Organisations in the Programme Brochure: Cultivating Healthy Organisations Executive Briefings Program Brochure – Final

We are now taking registrations for the next program, beginning on 14th April 2021.
Any Questions are most welcome.

Earlybird price before Midnight GMT on Friday 12th March 2021 – £595+VAT
Standard price – £750+VAT
By Installments – (4 X £200+ VAT paid monthly)

Participants are recommended to read Dancing with Change: