Cultivating Healthy Organisations

Who am I without my health?
Who are we without our health?

Without health, we cannot thrive. This holds for individuals as well as organisations. However, truly healthy organisations are few and far between, partly because we tend to view the notion of health far too narrowly. Furthermore, misunderstandings about the role of organisations in society pervade life. The result: an unhealthy world in which environmental destruction, war, conflict, and increasing levels of stress abound.

This impulse workshop will present a holistic perspective of organisation health that includes not only personal health, but also, ethical, environmental, relational, and economic health, amongst others. Participants will be invited to reflect together on questions that challenge conventional narratives based on the damaging and incorrect Cartesian world view and instead, use nature as a metaphor for cultivating organisations that enable all members to naturally engage, taking co-ownership for their work and its outcomes, which ultimately contribute to a thriving ecosystem. A framework (not a model) including the fundamental principles for Cultivating a Healthy Organisation will be presented.

The ideas and approach in my book, Dancing with Change:

Cultivating Healthy Corporations constitutes Organisation Culture Change. While it is not rocket science, it does require intensive finely-tuned deep work. Ultimately, it’s not only far more enjoyable … it’s decidedly more profitable too.

Details of the comprehensive open-enrolment program as well as the customised inhouse program:

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