Cultivating Healthy Projects
in association with the UK Major Projects Association

In 30 years of supporting international project teams, I’ve never worked on a project or with a management team in which the technical challenges caused a serious problem.

Yet, far too many projects, especially major projects, miss deadlines and overshoot their budgets. Why? Clearly, the reasons are unique in each case.

However, one common thread runs through successful projects that I have been fortunate enough to work on … a recognition that …

… People Deliver Projects …

Problems in projects are invariably relational, sometimes political, which actually, is also relational. Fragmented approaches to project design encourage conflicts.

What to do?
Cultivate a Healthy Project Culture enabling all participants – sponsors, management, team members, customer – to focus on what is really important together, interacting as Human BEings, working holistically.

The ideal time to start is before the project team really starts.
The cost? – In comparison to the total project budget, costs are minimal, especially when we take into account the wastage due to unnecessary personal conflicts. The wastage is not merely financial; stress-related illness is one of the unwanted outcomes whose effect spreads into society, far beyond the boundaries of the project itself.

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