Cultivating Healthy Organisations

Eric Lynn

  • What do you understand by „Change“?
  • Why are Change … and … Organisation and Society Health inseparable?
  • Do you ever feel that there’s „something“, undefinable, missing in the life of your organisation?
  • Which illusions pervade our life, leading us into the same traps over and over again … and what is their origin?
  • Why do we need to look beyond management literature to understand organisation change?
  • How can we work with Organisation Health as a holistic phenomenon?
  • How can we Cultivate Healthy Thriving Organisations?

If these Questions appeal to you, do feel free to step into the dynamic of life, while … Dancing with Change …
Nature’s patterns determine that we ought to be thriving. We’re not. We can change this. There is no better time than now.

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  • Publication: September 2020

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