Cultivating Healthy Organisations
Session 1:
The Irrefutable Business Case for Cultivating Healthy Organisations


„What’s the business case for this?“ is a common Question whenever new ideas are presented to organisation leaders.
In the context of modern-day organisation life, the Question is important. Corporations and companies need to be profitable; organisations and institutions need to work within a budget.

In the context of Health, requesting a business case as justification for action is not merely absurd, it could even be described as unethical.
Nevertheless, the business case for Cultivating Healthy Organisations is irrefutable.

Who am I without my health?
Who is any Human BEing without their health?

  • What is the effect on colleagues and their ability to give their best (not to mention family, friends, teachers, and more) of stress-related illness in the workplace?
  • What is the cost of system-induced conflicts between employees, be they managers or specialists?
  • What are the direct and indirect costs of unnecessary administration control mechanisms in the organisation?
  • What are the costs of well-qualified experts leaving an unhealthy organisation?

These are just a few of the Questions we’ll be working on during this first session of the programme.

Do come and join us.
Organisation Health is far too important an issue to be ignored.

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