Change Management is an Oxymoron

Change is ubiquitous.  It is, and always has been, simply an element of our dynamic world.

In organisations, change may happen as the consequence of external events or a new desired status may be defined. However, the „change“ cannot be managed.

We can define and manage elements of the technical process involved in achieving the desired status.
We cannot „manage“ the human side of the process.
We humans are unpredictable and in groups, the dynamic and chemistry of our interaction is even more so. It’s a fallacy to believe this can be „managed“.
Human beings need to feel invited, encouraged and inspired to actively play a role in driving the organisation to achieve the new desired status.
They need a purpose, or at the very least, a good reason.

Successful change doesn’t focus on „management“; neither does it focus on the change.
It focuses on the Business Question.

This post was orginally published on LinkedIn in 2015: