Corporate Culture: Questions at the Edge of Knowing

A few weeks ago, Robert Pierer, co-founder and managing partner of qoncept dx GmbH in Austria, invited me to engage in an open-ended email dialogue on Corporate Culture.
I agreed … and we have decided to make the outcome of this enjoyable and generative experience available to all.


The culture as the soul of the organization influences everything. But what exactly is organizational culture? Is there a definition and is it even important? Why do we need a holistic view of systems and why is it essential to understanding the dynamic of culture? How can we find answers to questions in the context of the development of organizational culture? What is our greatest challenge? These are just a few of the many questions that are asked and answered (or not) in this dialogue. Join us on our way to the edge of knowledge of culture, change, collective intelligence, space, trust and sense.

Here is the full dialogue. Only grammar and spelling have been edited.
Corporate Culture_Questions at the Edge of Knowing

We welcome your Questions …