Dancing with Change
An Interactive Impulse Workshop

Change may not be what you think it is …
It is possibly the most broadly misunderstood concept in society at large, as well as in business. Misunderstandings about the nature of change frequently lead to initiatives that not only fail to achieve their intentions, they may well actually cause more harm than good.

Working on Generative Organisation Change Initiatives requires an approach that reflects and integrates the natural complexity of the world in which we live and work. This includes the impossibility of separating organisation change from personal development and personal change.

In this short experiential workshop, you will be invited to engage with one another on Questions that may well challenge previously held perspectives. We will then look at an approach to Organisation Change that not only disregards commonly held myths, but actually works.
My book, Dancing with Change, outlines this approach: https://cultureqs.com/books/

Please contact me to schedule a session with your organisation: info@cultureQs.com.