How do you deal with Resistance to Change?

You don’t!
Because resistance to “change” is a myth.

People resist force. They resist being manipulated. They resist being taken for granted. They may deny the new circumstances that have changed the environment.
A change in environment is … a change in environment.
An executive decision to change working practices is … an executive decision to change working practices.
Specific changes do not constitute “change”.

Change is ubiquitous. It’s the essence of life. There’s nothing here to resist.
Understanding and laying aside the numerous myths about change that hinder people’s natural propensity to work together purposefully, is a necessary prerequisite to the cultivation of healthy working environments.

When decisions are explained to people appropriately … and they can understand and accept the reasons for the decisions … and when they are genuinely invited to contribute to their implementation, generally, they will accept the invitation.

Cultivating a Healthy Organisation entails cultivating an environment that enables people to want to contribute fully. The work is relational, encompassing the whole system. It’s not hard work because its enjoyable. Cultivation is continuous generative work … never ending …

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Trekking in the Himalayas involves continuous steep ascents followed by periods on relatively relaxed plateaus … until, feeling content and relaxed … you round a bend to see a long descent to be followed by another steep ascent. There’s nothing to resist. This is how it is.