How do you motivate people to engage with your initiative?

You don’t. Because you can’t.
The Question is common and seemingly logical … if … we perceive the world as a machine, and people as parts to be manipulated.
Because the world is not a machine, rather a biological, ecological and social living system, the Question contains two logical errors. Firstly, motivation is intrinsic. As a human BEing, I feel motivated to do or not to do something. Secondly, engagement describes the feeling of “wanting to” contribute, a feeling with its source in the environment of which the individual is actively involved.

Cultivating a Healthy Organisation entails cultivating an environment that enables people to want to contribute fully. The work is relational, encompassing the whole system. It’s not hard work because its enjoyable. Cultivation is continuous generative work … never ending …

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Context: An international insurance corporation
Challenge: Agreeing the framework for migrating IT three separate systems to one common platform, following a period of internal „ours is best“ conflict.