What does “yes” mean when accompanied by a “but”?
I’m not referring to the spoken word “but”, rather to the unspoken word, yet spoken in other terms.

In a world dominated by technology, we learn to respect the notions of delineation, certainty, yes/no, right/wrong, definitions … and this is perfectly understandable. Technology demands such notions to be able to function.

Just because the world is dominated by technology does not mean that the world functions according to technological principles.
It doesn’t.
The problem is that so many people, influential people, think it does.

And then … you challenge them with practical examples of a notion from life … life alive … a notion beyond definition … change … and they say …
“Yes. So how would you define it?”
“Change is the essence of life,” I say. “Without change, life stops. It’s dead.”
“Yes … But … how would you define it?” They say.

With every experience, we learn.
We are learning as we are experiencing, regardless of whether or not we are aware that we are learning at that particular moment.
Learning … entails change … naturally.
Natural learning illustrates why change defies definition …

Are you curious enough to enter into deeper inquiry, not only with others, but also with yourself?

No means no.
Yes … But … means no.
Only yes means yes.
This is the essential change we each need to make if we are truly interested in cultivating and living in a more natural human world.

It’s a dance … beyond any meaningful definition …

Experiences are continuously weaving themselves
into our lives in an ever more undefinable kaleidoscope
of ever less definable colours …