Maybe I’m a little old-fashioned …

Two conversations yesterday (one negative, one positive) reminded me of this blog that I posted on another website many years ago.

The negative conversation: A potential business partner was late for a scheduled call „I’ll call you“ stated the invitation. No big problem. There was not even the hint of an apology. Big problem!

The positive conversation: The newest member of the cultureQs Professional Facilitator Network was facing a challenging assignment with a new client in a group who had been having a pretty hard time and asked if he could pick my brain. Of course – I’m always happy to share experience. Yesterday, he called to share the story and thank me. „I remembered what you said: Just invite them; Talk straight; Be truthful.“ They loved it. And I appreciate the appreciation.
Don’t we all?

It’s culture …

Here’s the original post, unedited …

A few days ago, my friend Kate posted on Facebook: „It’s sad that I get surprised when people say excuse me, please, and thank you. What does that say for our society?“

Maybe I’m just a little old-fashioned, but I was brought up learning that these were simply good manners, nothing special at all.
Maybe Kate’s a little old-fashioned too. But, like me, still young of course!
I was also brought up to eat with my mouth closed, chew gum inside my mouth, place my hand over my mouth when yawning. But maybe I’m just a little old-fashioned.

I grew up learning that putting your feet on the table is rude and shoes on the train seat were an absolute no-no. Sorry all you cool dudes, but I guess I’m just a little old-fashioned.

I learned that when you arranged to meet someone, you were there. If you couldn’t make it you told them in good time. So, I wasn’t too pleased with the person who requested an appointment with me and only told me on the morning of the meeting (when called to check that my text message suggesting a change of venue had been received) that we couldn’t meet because they had an „important meeting to go to“ and „sorry sorry“ for not telling me. I broke off contact! Neither was I happy when someone else who requested an appointment sent a text message a couple of hours before the meeting regretting that she’d „just realized“ she had an urgent conference call at the same time.
Am I just a little old-fashioned because I consider this behaviour unacceptable?

I also learned the principle of commercial honour, meaning you treated your business partners as equals and also paid invoices on time. Sorry, I’m beginning to understand that I’m a little old-fashioned.

In the days I learned my manners, there were no mobile phones, not even portable landline phones. If there had been, I’m sure I’d have learned that filling the railway carriage with your business negotiation (sorry Mr and Ms Important Businessperson), messaging at the dinner table (sorry Mr and Ms Important Socialite) were downright rude. And this, I suppose, proves just how old-fashioned I really am.

Oh yes, … we also learned the benefits of listening to each other in conversation, … but that’s another story.