So, you think you can Manage Organisation Change?

Well, you can, of course …
… if your aim is to manipulate people to perform tasks under duress so that your profit margins increase in the short-term. Your accounts will then briefly show a positive balance.

What they will only show in the medium-term is the unhealthy environment, which will soon lead to your good people departing to work with competitors, an increasing level of poor-quality work with the accompanying increase in customer complaints, the increase in sick-leave, the consequences of psychological stress … all of which endanger your investments, ultimately damaging the economic health of your company, thereby reducing its value.

There is another way to design your business …
You can Cultivate a Healthy Organisation by cultivating an environment in which people want to bring themselves in fully. It’s not hard work because its enjoyable. Cultivation is continuous generative work … never ending …

Discover how … Cultivating Healthy Organisations – Program Brochure: Cultivating Healthy Organisations Open-Enrolment Program Brochure

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Context: The Customer Services Division of an international financial services institution.
Challenge: Open organisation learning to improve cooperation and service levels.