Questions Live On, Answers are Transient.

Today’s Questions (8th April 2020) …


A few fundamental Questions connecting the economy, work, health, consumption, politics, leadership?

When health prevents people from working …

  • What happens to organisations?
  • What happens to people’s priorities?
  • Who is going to produce stuff?
  • Who is going to buy stuff?
  • What does marketing mean? (It is always wise to consider this Question.)
  • What „stuff“ do we really need?


  • How are people going to buy food that they need to survive?
  • How are people going to pay for their homes?


  • Imagine a healthy economy …
    What kind of economy would we consider healthy?


  • What is the meaning of a „job“?


  • What does „career“ mean now?
    To what extent is there value in the notion of a career?
    To what extent was there ever value in the notion of a career?


  • What do these Questions mean for our current models of democracy?
    Which other forms of democracy could we imagine?
    What would be the benefits and potential dangers in each?


  • What would economy mean now, if we had Universal Basic Income?


  • What would politics mean now, if we had Universal Basic Income?


  • Borders are closing. How aware are people in Europe of the current risk of dismantling the fundamental achievement of the European Union during the past 70 years – peace?


  • Imagine a healthy environment …
    What would this mean for our economy? For our political system?


  • How do our responses to all these Questions affect our understanding of „leadership“?
    And what would this mean in practice?