Uncertainty and Complexity: Beyond Bullshit Narratives

“… in these times of uncertainty …”
“… in complexity …”
… and …
… the colonial presumptuousness of those who author our narratives …

“We are living in uncertain times,” … proclaims the “expert”, confidently describing the ways of the modern world.
“Well … of course we are,” I say in response. “Such is life. What, after all is certain in life?”

“Here, we are working in complexity,” … proclaims the “expert”, confidently explaining the client’s problems, while portraying their … erm … knowledge.
“What utter nonsense,” I say in response. “Life generally, and therefore in any organisation, comprises collections of interdependent relationships, and as such, is complex by nature. The term ‘in complexity’ is meaningless.”

Simplistic reductionism serves nobody.
Neither does pseudo-scientific posturing.

A reduction in such colonial-style pretentiousness might be of service to us all.
Only when we explicitly recognise the nature of our world, are we in a position to support people in dealing with relational issues.

Let’s clarify …
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