What about Power Dynamics in Organisation Culture?

“I was disappointed that Eric didn’t talk about power dynamics during the webinar [on Cultivating Healthy Organisations]. It’s a huge issue in my company and in the broader eco-system in which we operate.”

This reaction was passed on to me by a third party a few days after the said webinar. I was also informed of another participant who expressed similar sentiments on the issue.

I understand the concern.

It is true that I did not talk about power dynamics during this session. Neither do I examine the issue in detail in my book, although the negative effects of power-mongers and power-plays are addressed briefly.

There is no doubt that today, power dynamics play a very significant role in society as well as the organisations embedded within these societies. Indeed, the role they take on is symptomatic of many problems we can observe in life, wherever we look … problems of ethics, human dignity, environment, stress-related illnesses, health in general.

Power dynamics are, by nature, unhealthy.
There is another way …

IF … we were to completely re-think the manner in which we live, in which we work, in which we relate among one another … to incorporate healthy dynamics … actively working together to cultivate this environment … continuously … then the problem of power dynamics would simply dissipate.

I am imagining not merely a “better” world, but a healthy world.
My work focuses on Cultivating Healthy OrganisationsCultivating Healthy Communities.
In true communities, there is no “power” in the conventional sense.

The focus lies on the entity, its purpose, the people within the entity … working together … interacting healthily … generative Relationing …

This is the reason I do not talk about power dynamics.

Dancing with Change: Cultivating Healthy Organisations outlines a framework for this work … in which we work with Change as the Essence of what enables Organisations to come alive.

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