What’s the business case for investing in Organisation Health?

The Question appears rational.
A relevant ethical Question is … Which business is worth the sacrifice of health?
Requesting a “business case” for health is unconscionable.
Nevertheless, the business case is irrefutable … outlined here in Dancing with Change: https://cultureqs.com/books/.

“Who am I without my health?”

An organisation asks …

“What are we without our health?”
“How is it possible for an unhealthy Organisation to thrive?”

Healthy people contribute to the economic health of any organisation.

To ascertain the business case for investing in Organisation Health, begin by asking these Questions …

Last year in your organisation …

  • How many sick days were lost?
  • How many days were employees absent due to psychologically-related health issues?
  • What was the engagement level of employees in your company?

Measurable and avoidable costs.

  • What was the effect of employees‘ psychologically-related absenteeism on the effectiveness of their colleagues‘ work?
  • What was the cost to potential process and product innovation of personal conflicts among employees?
  • What was the cost of wasted potential due to lack of or limited employee engagement?

Avoidable costs that are very difficult if not impossible to quantify accurately.
They will, nevertheless, be significant.

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