Facilitating from the Inside-Out
A Personal and Professional Development Programme

The Art of Facilitation is only rarely understood.
This is an opportunity to hone your … genuine … facilitation skills … skills required to facilitate with integrity.

Here … I will share my learnings and my practice founded on 40 years worldwide experience in teaching, training, moderating, mediating, consulting and above all facilitating in a broad range of contexts. Each of these roles is distinct.

One widespread misconception about the role of a facilitator is that their function is to help groups achieve their goals. While, at times, such an approach may be appropriate, it is not facilitating.
The role of the facilitator is to support a group in cultivat-ing an environment that will enable them to achieve their goals … and much more besides …
Furthermore, the group’s true goals may well be different from those they originally formulated.

Welcome … to this short intensive experience … in which I will open a space … inviting you to draw your own insights … through experience … thereby enabling you to hone your facilitation practice.
This is inner work. We can only genuinely facilitate by working from the inside-out.

Full Details: Facilitating from the Inside-Out (final).

Scheduling and Location of Open-Enrolment Programmes:
These programmes are available in-person only.
The first group will convene in Nuremberg, Germany, 15-17 November 2021.
Additional “first” groups are being planned for the UK and North America.
Additional Locations: Please contact me (info@cultureQs.com) if you would like to schedule a programme in your location.

Financial Investment
The standard fee is published in the Programme Details.
Early-adopters … for first programmes only … € 995 + VAT per person. If 2 or more people register simultaneously, € 845 + VAT per person.

In-house Programmes (in English or German) for internal facilitators:
Please contact me (info@cultureQs.com) directly for details.