Licence: cultureQs® Professional Facilitator
(with access to all cultureQs® Professional resources)

cultureQs®: A Unique Extremely Powerful Organisation Development Tool to Get Teams, Groups and Organisations Aligned and Focused Fast

cultureQs® Professional is available exclusively to Licensed cultureQs® Professional Facilitators.
You gain access to …

  • Complete High Quality cultureQs® Materials.
  • Support as Required.
  • 370 Questions
  • Comprehensive Facilitator Handbook
  • Available in the following Languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish

The Licence Programme is designed for internal and external Facilitators and Change Agents.

  • It is a Journey of Discovery into the Art of Dialogue, Deep Listening, Creating a Trust Space, the Art of the Invitation, Powerful Questions.
  • It will enable you to consultant, prepare, facilitate and guide “sense-making” interventions, using cultureQs to accelerate value creation for clients in any change and integration process.
  • It gives you access to the complete resources of cultureQs® Professional in multiple languages – available exclusively to Licenced cultureQs® Professional Facilitators.

Full cultureQs Licence programme details here

The next cultureQs Licence Programme in Munich is scheduled for 15th-16th January 2020. I look forward to greeting you. To register or clarify Questions, please contact me personally.

Company specific licence programmes are available for internal facilitators and consultants.

Please contact me: