Leading People
… beyond the banality of ‘leadership’ …

… a brief introduction …

When I first found myself with the responsibility for Leading People, I had no idea of the challenges involved. I had received no preparation whatsoever, not even the platitudes that are so frequently presented as “Leadership” in standardised training courses. I had never even read a book on leadership. I learned on the job, which is positive, yet also resulted in some outcomes that could have been avoided had I been more aware of the complexities inherent in the role.

Did I have any idea what I was doing?
Perhaps not.

However, one thing that was intuitively clear to me even at this time, was …

As a nominal leader, you are always, inevitably, the living example to everybody else of how you want to work and interact with one another.


For anybody holding a nominal leadership position, such as founders, senior managers, executives, department heads … the key responsibility remains …

… to lead people so that they naturally, intrinsically work to enable the business to thrive …


Business is about people; technology is a supporting enabler.
This will never change.


Leading People is Inside-Out Work.


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