Moving Towards Solutions … Together … Fast!

//Moving Towards Solutions … Together … Fast!

Moving Towards Solutions … Together  … Fast!

You’ve got a complex challenge, maybe even a problem.
Everybody is under pressure.
There’s little space and of course no time.
It’s draining resources and costing you money.
None of which interests the problem … which remains blissfully unaware … still needing to be solved.

Everyone has an opinion.
Everyone has a perspective.
Everyone is an expert.
And so many know the “best” way.
The conflict is draining additional resources and costing you even more money.
None of which interests or helps the problem … which remains blissfully unaware … still needing to be solved.

So … How can you solve this problem … FAST?

  • Get the right people in the room.
  • Get everyone aligned on the true nature of the real problem: The Focus.
  • Create a listening space.
  • Open conversations that enable acceptance of a broad range of values, approaches, perspectives.
  • Re-focus: Get everyone aligned with a common focus on the commonly understood real challenge.
  • Begin the generative work of developing solutions and new approaches.

The problem may still be blissfully unaware. It is now however, no longer relevant and no longer draining resources.
You have replaced it with new approaches that are … adding value for the individuals, the group and the organisation.

… Inspired by David, a US-American colleague and friend who recently sent the following feedback on the impact of cultureQs …

DH wizard of oz

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