… nothing new here …

“There’s nothing new here,” was one reaction passed on to me by a third party following my webinar outlining the principles of Cultivating Healthy Organisations.

Perhaps this is true.
I cannot say for sure, because none of us possess an all-encompassing wisdom.

If there was really nothing new there, I ask …

… Why do so few organisations practice these principles?
… Where are those that do?
… Why is there so much conflict in society?
… Why does so much dishonesty and disingenuous behavior emanate from those people holding nominal leadership positions?
… Why is there so little trust in those people holding nominal leadership positions?
… Why are we continuing to destroy our environment?
… Why are levels of psychological stress increasing?
… Why have “engagement” levels in corporations remained stable at around 14% for the past decade? (Gallup surveys)

… Why …?

The list of potential Questions is endless.

  • Where are the truly Healthy Organisations today?
  • Who is really doing the work?

I have never seen all the principles that I present in my book, Dancing with Change: Cultivating Healthy Organisations, applied in one organisation.

Whenever I present the approach to organisation leaders, nobody has ever told me “There’s nothing new here”.

I wish they had.
Then … perhaps … we would all be healthier and happier in a healthy world.

Doing the work is an art form.
Supporting others in bringing these principles to life is yet another art form.
There are no “tools” that can help.
It begins with work on ourselves …

… personal change and organisation change are inseparable bedfellows …

If you’d like to challenge yourself, Question your narratives, discover how to Cultivate Healthy Organisations, please feel free to contact me to see how we can add value for your organisation … quickly and generatively.

Any Questions are most welcome.