On which model do you base your Healthy Organisation work?

Organisations are ecological and social systems … living systems. There are no appropriate models for living systems as, by definition, they are continuously evolving, each one unique, each unique system related with other unique evolving systems. There is no doubt that Organisation Change models are seductive. They appear to provide answers to problems. They appear to provide a degree of control to decision-makers. They appear to provide orientation. All the above are however, false friends. Appearances can be deceptive.
The organisation is not a problem to be solved. Control is delusional. Paradoxically, greater control is available by letting go. The orientation provided by so-called organisation-change-models is equivalent to a falsely-programmed navigator. While models certainly work for dictatorial and exploitational social systems, these are in no way healthy: the Human BEings within them are objectified.

Consciously working towards a Healthy Organisation entails cultivation. It’s not hard work because its enjoyable. Cultivation is continuous generative work … never ending …

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An ecological system cultivating itself.