Cultivating Healthy Organisations
Executive Briefing Program
Organisation Culture
How your Organisation comes Alive

  • What makes you you … and me me?
  • What is the history that influences the patterns that are shaping your organisation?
  • What are the interactions that determine the life in your organisation … and … above all … the quality of life in your organisation? … Because this we can change … generatively.

The notion of “culture” suffers from widespread misunderstanding and reductionism.
Culture is a dynamic … beyond definition.

Commonplace descriptors of organisation life as “a culture of (xxx)” make no sense.
This chapter in Dancing with Change describes the complex dynamic of culture:

Understanding the dynamic of culture is essential for the ability to Cultivate a Healthy Organisation.
In this session we’ll look closely at the interactions that makes your organisation come alive and consider how to cultivate the environment that enables health.

Your core Question is … “How do we want these interactions to …BE?

Do come and join us.
Organisation Health is far too important an issue to be ignored.

Discover how … Cultivating Healthy Organisations – Program Brochure: Cultivating Healthy Organisations Open-Enrolment Program Brochure

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