Shaping a Healthy Organisation – The Fine Print

To avoid any misunderstandings …
The following sections present a framework for an approach to Shaping Healthy Organisations. A framework is not a model.

The framework reflects the author’s learnings from over 40 years’ experience working in people and organisation development, learning from practices that resulted in unintended negative consequences, even disasters; using practices that have served him and his clients well.

The framework highlights characteristics and prerequisites for any organisation wishing to begin an initiative to re-shape itself as a Healthy Organisation.


Obviously, the nature of this framework is influenced by my personal ethics.
How could it be any other way?
Organisation Health is an inside job.
Human objectivity is a naive mythical construct.


Implementing the approach entails deep work.
It may well involve Questioning oneself and everything one has done in the past.
It may.
On the other hand, of course, it may not.


Academically learning the characteristics of Organisation Health is of limited use.
They need to be internalised.
Employees relatively easily recognise leaders whose actions lack the integrity of their proclamations.
Shaping a Healthy Organisation is an inside job.

*     *     *

To go fast … first … slow down.

*     *     *

There is no guarantee of success. There never is, for anything.

*     *     *

Shaping a Healthy Organisation embodies intention to Change.
This includes … Questioning … everything.
Nature is the guiding metaphor.
The systemic interdependencies are prevalent, forever alive, themselves continuously changing.

We view the organisation as a whole entity … albeit not as an independent entity … rather as one intricately interdependent with all other entities with which it interacts.

*     *     *