Questions Live On, Answers are Transient.

Today’s Questions (27th March 2020) …


  • What does “normal” mean, if anything?


  • How long will governments withstand the pressure from big business, before agreeing to let citizens return to “normal” work?


  • How long will we be able to appreciate the improved air and cleaner water in and around our cities?


  • We know that the more governments are able to restrict civil liberties, the more power they have. And history illustrates that the vast majority of people in power love their power.
    Now that they have restricted our freedoms, to what extent can we trust western governments to remove the restrictions once the corona virus is no longer a pandemic?


  • The strategic brains who remain hidden behind those holding nominal power are doubtless currently planning future scenarios. What could these scenarios be?


  • Why are so many people so ready to believe the “truth” of “news” and reports about the corona virus released by the Chinese government, a brutal dictatorship?


  • Who has the most to gain from the disruption being caused by the corona virus?


  • What is the connection between the China Belt and Road Initiative and the rapid spread of the corona virus throughout the world?


  • What is the meaning of work now?


  • Will western governments actually implement their promises to support freelancers and small business?
    And what if they don’t?


  • Which work truly adds value for society?


  • What is really important in life … now?


How meaningless these Questions would be if we separated them from one another …

Questions Live On, Answers are Transient.

‘Question’ deserves a capital Q.

Question everything … always …