What are you allowed to say at work?

What I really mean to ask is …

… What do you feel you are you allowed to say at work?

To what extent do you feel free to express yourself, whether you do so spontaneously or following a period of reflection?

After all, you may need your job. Perhaps you have a family, financial obligations, responsibilities towards others. Everybody has to eat and needs a roof over their heads.

Because … if you don’t feel free to express yourself freely, to contribute, to bring your whole self into your work …
… you cannot be completely healthy … therefore …
… your organisation cannot be healthy.

Psychological Health is rarely attributed the attention it deserves.
Too often, pain-killer-style-wannabe-solutions are proposed, including “resilience training” or creation of “safe spaces”.
Life doesn’t work according to such simplistic notions. Indeed, such measures, which fail to honour life’s natural complexity, may well exacerbate the problem.

If your organisation is not healthy, it can’t possibly thrive, and you are nowhere near uncovering its potential.

If your organisation is not consciously trying to thrive, why does it even exist?

Who speaks to who about what when, and how? … is one Question you might consider if you are truly interested in Cultivating a Healthy Organisation.

You’re more concerned about results?
Fine. Cultivate a Healthy Organisation and the results will come. More than likely, they’ll improve.

Behaviour reflects culture.
Attitude influences both behaviour and culture, while simultaneously being influenced by culture.
Culture describes how your organisation comes alive … or not.

How can we Cultivate a Healthy Organisation?
What do you want your Organisation to … BE?

These essential Question lie at the core of the program …

Cultivating Healthy Organisations

It’s all about showing up as Human BEings, evolving relationships while focused on the business.

Program details: https://cultureqs.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Cultivating-Healthy-Organisations-Open-Enrolment-Program.pdf
Feeling free to speak is not merely an issue of good business … It’s far greater … It’s a Question of Human Dignity.

Photo (taken while working with a group of HR managers in the Indian Himalayas):

What are you going to do with this wonderful space that comprises your organisation?