Where does the inspiration come from?

“If I knew where the songs came from, I’d go there more often. It’s a mysterious condition.”
Leonard Cohen

Where does the inspiration come from when we evolve new ideas, create new approaches to work, write an original piece, …?

I actually have no idea whatsoever.
I was reading a book by Hannah Arendt when this Question popped into my head. There’s apparently no connection, but of course there is. Everything is related.

The patterns that form us have weaved themselves into our being over decades … decades of experiences experienced uniquely. Alertness to the impulse has also weaved its way into this web of patterns. Likewise, my ability to order the impulses.

Do I need to know where inspiration comes from? Absolutely not. I’m just happy that it does come. Though sometimes it would be nice to know … especially in those moments when I’m looking for it and it doesn’t come. This is obvious of course.

It’s just being.

In an era where it seems everything “has to” be measured, specified, defined so that “problems” can be “solved” by knowing their “cause” … the art of being, the art of learning appears to be getting lost.

When was the last time you just walked … without “going” anywhere in particular?
When was the last time you just read for pleasure without a purpose?
When was the last time you just did … nothing? … Although of course, there is no such thing as “doing nothing”.

It’s not easy to “be” in this “doing” world.
This is where the learning lies, waiting to be tapped.