Two versions of cultureQs are currently available to Facilitators, Coaches and Consultants:

cultureQs® Professional
cultureQs® Business

cultureQs® Professional

“This is everything I hoped for … and more!”

(A Licensed cultureQs® Professional Facilitator speaking at the end of the Licence Programme)

cultureQs® Professional is available exclusively to Licensed cultureQs® Professional Facilitators.

Acquisition of the licence includes … access to all available cultureQs® materials in the languages of your choice; a comprehensive Facilitator Handbook; consulting support as required from Eric Lynn, creator of this unique approach.

cultureQs® Professional is available in English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish.

Full participation in the intensive experiential 2-day Licence Programme qualifies internal and external facilitators for access to cultureQs® Professional.

The Licence Programme …

  • … is a Journey of Discovery into the Art of Dialogue, Deep Listening, Creating a Trust Space, the Art of the Invitation, Powerful Questions.
  • … will enable you to consultant, prepare, facilitate and guide “sense-making” interventions, using cultureQs to accelerate value creation for clients in any change and integration process.
  • .. gives you access to the complete resources of cultureQs® Professional in multiple languages – available exclusively to Licenced cultureQs® Professional Facilitators.

Full cultureQs Licence programme details here (PDF)

Public programmes are available in a variety of locations and can be facilitated in English or German.

Inhouse licence programmes are available on demand.

Upcoming programmes:

Due to current COVID restrictions, scheduling of this programme is on hold.
We will publish upcoming dates when conditions permit.
Thank you for your understanding.

Please contact Eric Lynn at to express interest or to clarify Questions.

cultureQs® Business

cultureQs Business

cultureQs® Business is the compact version of cultureQs®
which is available for purchase.

The content is designed primarily for the following situations …

  • Management Team Integration
  • Project Team Integration (especially during the mobilisation / kick-off phase)
  • International Management Team Integration
  • Integration of Cross-Functional Teams
  • Conflict Resolution

One set contains 43 Questions, Game board, playing pieces and dice, Facilitator Handbook.
It may be used with groups of up to 6 people. For larger groups, additional sets may be purchased.

cultureQs® Business is available in English and German.
Investment: € 97 + pp + VAT