Two versions of cultureQs are currently available to Facilitators, Coaches and Consultants:

cultureQs® Professional
cultureQs® Business

cultureQs® Professional

“This is everything I hoped for … and more!”

(A Licensed cultureQs® Professional Facilitator speaking at the end of the Licence Programme)

cultureQs® Professional is available exclusively to Licensed cultureQs® Professional Facilitators.

Acquisition of the licence includes … access to all available cultureQs® materials in the languages of your choice; a comprehensive Facilitator Handbook; consulting support as required from Eric Lynn, creator of this unique approach.

cultureQs® Professional is available in English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish.

Full participation in the intensive experiential 2-day Licence Programme qualifies internal and external facilitators for access to cultureQs® Professional.

The Licence Programme …

  • … is a Journey of Discovery into the Art of Dialogue, Deep Listening, Creating a Trust Space, the Art of the Invitation, Powerful Questions.
  • … will enable you to consultant, prepare, facilitate and guide “sense-making” interventions, using cultureQs to accelerate value creation for clients in any change and integration process.
  • .. gives you access to the complete resources of cultureQs® Professional in multiple languages – available exclusively to Licenced cultureQs® Professional Facilitators.

Full cultureQs Licence programme details here (PDF)

Public programmes are available in a variety of locations and can be facilitated in English or German.

Inhouse licence programmes are available on demand.

Upcoming programmes:

Dates for the next Open-Registration Programme in Autumn 2021 will be published shortly.

Please contact Eric Lynn at to express interest or to clarify Questions.

I am happy to schedule In-House Programmes. Please contact me personally:

cultureQs® Business

cultureQs Business

cultureQs® Business is the compact version of cultureQs®
which is available for purchase.

The content is designed primarily for the following situations …

  • Management Team Integration
  • Project Team Integration (especially during the mobilisation / kick-off phase)
  • International Management Team Integration
  • Integration of Cross-Functional Teams
  • Conflict Resolution

One set contains 43 Questions, Game board, playing pieces and dice, Facilitator Handbook.
It may be used with groups of up to 6 people. For larger groups, additional sets may be purchased.

cultureQs® Business is available in English and German.
Investment: € 97 + pp + VAT