cultureQs is a Change and Integration Accelerator that uses powerful Questions to inspire participants to reflect on the foundations of their beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.
While engaging in deep meaningful conversations, people connect quickly, enabling the invisible borders that hinder collaboration to fall away.
Wasteful conflict is reduced; people (re-)focus on the personal and professional questions that matter; innovative potential is released and performance is enhanced.

cultureQs is currently available in English, German, French, Dutch. Coming soon: Spanish


In sub-groups of 4-6 people per table, players answer provocative questions on basic drivers and beliefs (rootQs), behaviour patterns (behaviourQs), traps that cross-cultural interactions invariably bring (trapsQs), share personal preferences (myQs), thought-provoking quotes from traditional and modern sources (wisdomQs).

To date, cultureQs® has been used effectively with teams and groups of 2 to 200 people.

Cards Collage English


It enabled us to let down our masks, show our real selves, and trust.
(Client feedback at the end of a Management Team Integration Workshop)

Our complex world is defined by relationships … relationships with one another and our environment. In Corporations and Organisations everywhere, the challenge of getting people – teams and groups – aligned with each other and the business is ever-present … and a prerequisite for leveraging potential and using resources effectively. cultureQs accelerates alignment! When cultureQs is embedded into a process, it enables you to build a solid collaborative platform in just one day – far more quickly and effectively than conventional approaches.

The process in a nutshell …


Consultations and conversations to ascertain the current situation, history, needs, intentions, purpose, challenges, key people and any other relevant information to enable designing a process to meet client needs. The Business Question is formulated with the client. The client owns the Question.


An Invitation is only an invitation if perceived to be genuine. People need to sense an invitation to actively engage with any change or integration initiative, and this invitation must come from the leadership.


The critical introductory phase of any intervention that uses cultureQs includes: the client invitation, the Business Question, the invitation to participate, clarification of purpose and process.


Alignment occurs while groups are using cultureQs.
(i) The group’s engagement with the Questions with each other … Meaningful Conversations (‘playing’ cultureQs).
(ii) Sense-making – a skilled facilitator enables the group to bring all their insights to the surface. Perspectives expand. Change is already occurring, consciously or otherwise. Shift happens. The group realigns towards the Core Business Question.


Using the insights from the alignment phase and with a focus on their Core Business Question, the group defines how it wants to work together. They own their process and engage with it. Agreements are documented and explicit commitment is encouraged.


With the foundation of their alignment and engagement work, groups and teams return to their everyday working environment … engaging with one another and their work far more productively. Quality Conversations take the place of ‘discussions’ … “Wasteful conflict is reduced; people (re- )focus on the personal and professional questions that matter; innovative potential is released and performance is enhanced.”

A classic cultureQs workshop consists of phases two, three and four. Phases 2 and 3 need approximately 3 hours. Phase 4 generally takes 2 to 4 hours depending on the complexity of the situation, the group and the starting point.


In less than one day, the group has connected at a deep meaningful level, is aligned, and has enabled themselves to commit to engage together on their initiative or project … working with the inherent complexity

… Accelerating Change … Accelerating Integration … Accelerating Value Creation


“How can we shape the working culture we need?”

Client: An international banking group.
People: a group of legal experts from Central and Eastern Europe in a new internal advisory services unit following corporate restructuring.

“How do we ensure we become a high-quality generative team to enable us to be perceived as the voice of our core customer?”

Client: An international retailer.
People: a newly formed internal market research team.

“How are we going to ensure we become a truly inclusive organisation?”

Client: A global player in the financial services sector.
People: Employees participating in the annual corporate Inclusion and Diversity Day.


“How can we accelerate the process of connecting at a deep meaningful level, to enable us to focus on our business questions more quickly and effectively?”

This was the client challenge at the start of a Post-Merger Integration process in 2002 that encouraged me to begin developing cultureQs.

The structure, content, foundations and process of cultureQs are the product of a lifetime’s personal and professional experience.

After 11 years of testing, adaptation, improvement and re-testing with thousands of people from all over the world, a great deal of advice and constructive criticism from clients, colleagues and friends, it was ready to launch in late 2013.
Here is the story.

Here is the concept of culture that underlies my work, the process and therefore impact of cultureQs. This Intercultural Glossary reflects my beliefs, values and life experience. Some of the definitions here may reflect neither those to be found in standard references nor common usage. This is conscious, as common usage is frequently inaccurate, superficial or even deliberately misleading.


Healthy intrinsically motivated people engage; add value for themselves and the organisation. Results improve; the business benefits and grows; new opportunities arise. cultureQs enables people to focus and engage … together … fast.

Situations in which organisations benefit significantly from using cultureQs include …


A deceptively powerful organisation development intervention.

I liked it very much because completely different levels and themes were addressed. It was a non-structured complexity of themes. And this is precisely how I feel in work processes.

We went very deep very quickly.

It’s amazing how quickly you get into topics we wouldn’t normally talk about.

It encourages a culture of listening.

It generated a new energy in the group.

It gives interesting mirroring back to me.

A trusting environment emerged very quickly.

The game has no dramatic components, but it certainly has impact.

There are no losers. Everybody wins.

We had time and space to reflect on Questions for ourselves; with others.

Giving everybody a voice


This is everything I hoped for … and much more!
(A cultureQs Facilitator at the end of the Licence Programme)

Effective use of cultureQs requires highly skilled facilitation as well as an intimate understanding of how the components and principles are interwoven to naturally draw out and work with the complexity of human interaction.

To ensure quality delivery, cultureQs is available exclusively to internal and external Facilitators and Consultants who have completed the 2-day cultureQs Licenced Professional Facilitator Programme.

The Programme:

  • will enable you to consult, prepare, facilitate and debrief workshops and interventions, using cultureQs to accelerate value creation for clients in any change and integration process.
  • gives you access to cultureQs Professional in multiple languages – available exclusively to Licenced cultureQs Professional Facilitators.
  • provides access to the exclusive cultureQs Professional Network

Public programmes can be run anywhere in the world. Colleagues interested in cooperating to organise a Programme in any location are invited to contact me.

Exclusive Certification Programmes for Corporations and Organisations who wish to certify a group of internal facilitators are available. Further details.