cultureQs is a unique approach to Cultivating Relationships that Matter in Situations that Matter … fast.

Using powerful Questions within a Bohmian Dialogue framework, it inspires participants to reflect on the foundations of their beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.
While engaging in deep meaningful conversations, people connect quickly, enabling the invisible borders that hinder collaboration to fall away.
Wasteful conflict is reduced; people (re-)focus on the personal and professional Questions that matter; releasing the innovative potential that enhances performance.

Background information on cultureQs: cultureQs Background Presentation-2023

Why cultureQs

“If your organisation is not consciously trying to thrive, why does it even exist?”

People bring your company to life, enabling it to thrive.
People decide whether or not they are going to work together … and if so … how.

For the success of any initiative, people need to connect … relationally … quickly … while focused on overcoming their common challenges … recognising and accepting the benefits of the range of experiences and approaches that each contributes.

cultureQs enables this … adding genuine value.

How cultureQs works

Think of this process as relationing.


Working with a Focus Question, groups discover one another’s uniqueness, setting aside previously held assumptions.

Having reflected together to make sense of their experience of relationing, they are able to recognise the richness of the variety of experience in the room, their interdependence on one another … and begin to work together as one integrated entity.

cultureQs is an experience that needs to be experienced.

It looks like a game. But, it’s not a game. As one Senior Project Manager said during a workshop, “This is far more than a game.”

How cultureQs works

The cultureQs Questions

In sub-groups of 4-6 people per table, players respond to provocative Questions on … basic drivers and beliefs (rootQs); preferred behaviour patterns (behaviourQs); traps that invariably accompany cross-cultural interactions (trapsQs); share life experiences and personal preferences (myQs); thought-provoking quotes from traditional and modern sources (wisdomQs).

The working framework and formulation of the Questions are designed to highlight each individual’s underlying values.

cultureQs® can be used with teams and groups of any size. It can also be used as a coaching intervention.

The cultureQs Questions

When cultureQs adds Value

A selection of situations in which cultureQs adds value to your initiative …
Please contact Eric Lynn to ascertain your specific needs.

A selection of situations in which cultureQs adds value to your initiative …

What Clients Say

A deceptively powerful organisation development intervention.

I liked it very much because completely different levels and themes were addressed. It was a non-structured complexity of themes. And this is precisely how I feel in work processes.

We went very deep very quickly.

It’s amazing how quickly you get into topics we wouldn’t normally talk about.

It encourages a culture of listening.

It generated a new energy in the group.

It gives interesting mirroring back to me.

A trusting environment emerged very quickly.

The game has no dramatic components, but it certainly has impact.

There are no losers. Everybody wins.

We had time and space to reflect on Questions for ourselves; with others.

Giving everybody a voice

Get cultureQs

Organisations who wish to integrate cultureQs into a specific facilitated intervention, are invited to contact Eric Lynn.

For internal and external Facilitators, Coaches and Consultants who wish to use cultureQs with their clients, three versions are currently available:

  • cultureQs® Professional
  • cultureQs® Business
  • cultureQs® Starter
  • cultureQs® Dancing with Diversity and cultureQs® Community will be available shortly

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