I Facilitate Organisation Culture Change … with People

Good Purposeful Work with Good People.




How can we Cultivate a Working/Living Environment that enables us all … individually and collectively … to thrive?


People do business.
Technology is a supporting enabler.
This will never change.



I offer you … FOCUS … ORIENTATION … CLARITY … embedded in four decades of professional experience, living and working on four continents as…

… an INQUIRY PARTNER, to supporting you in locating and addressing the fundamental issues preventing you BEing a healthy organisation …

… an ADVISOR and/or THINKING PARTNER, to support you in developing meaningful initiatives …

… a DIALOGUE FACILITATOR, opening and holding a space for you and your people to bring meaningful initiatives to life …

… a MEDIATOR, so you can overcome you conflicts.

… a COACH, supporting you to gain clarity and orientation in the frequently disorientating whirlwind of professional life …

I work in English and German.


“Good morning. This is Eric,” said my client, introducing me to his colleague managing a mega-project in the transportation sector that was about to go off the rails. “He’s going to ask you all the Questions you don’t want to hear, but absolutely need to.”
Four week later, I flew to Asia to facilitate a workshop in which the multi-national team of engineers located and solved the problems.

“Oh. You’re the one!” she said at the reception the day after the workshop she’d been unable to attend – the kick-off for an initiative of people in the arts sector who needed to find their voice in order to improve their working environment. “Everyone is talking about how they’d achieved so much in such a short space of time. I’m looking forward to joining you for the next phases.”

“How can we accelerate the process of forming deep meaningful connections to enable us to focus on our real work immediately?” … The client challenge that sparked me to develop #cultureQs.

Quality conversations lie at the heart of quality relationing in groups, directly determining the quality of work people do together.


How I can support you?

Please feel free to schedule an appointment, especially in the following sectors: info@cultureQs.com

The HEALTH sector – Who am I without my health? Who are we without our Health?

The ENVIRONMENT sector – What is life worth without a Healthy Environment?

The EDUCATION sector – How can Children and Adults Learn to Thrive?

The ARTS and SPORTS sectors – Releasing Potential … The Thrill of BEing Creative …

If an Organisation is not consciously trying to thrive, why does it even exist?

My professional principle … Good Purposeful Work with Good People!


… a borderless world …

Those who have no fence around their land have no enemies.  (Burundi Proverb)

All national borders are artificial: constructs of our minds.
They are designed to forcibly keep people out or in, automatically creating the potential for conflict. The constructs later become physical and/or psychological.

In Healthy Organisations and Societies, people collaborate across administrative and descriptive boundaries. Borders as such become irrelevant.

I explicitly distinguish between borders, designed as barriers; and boundaries that define the playing fields in which we operate and provide necessary structure in organisations.

We exist in relationship …

“Relationship is a process of self-revelation, and without knowing oneself, the ways of one’s own mind and heart, merely to establish an outward order, a system, has very little meaning. So what is important is to understand oneself in relationship with one another.” (J. Krishnamurti)

Ethical Boundaries

Clarification of my Ethical Boundaries

While I am, of course, pleased to receive inquiries from a range of organisations both in the corporate and not-for- profit sectors, personal integrity compels me to refuse work with these:

  • Armaments manufacturers: A disgusting business. Weapons are designed to kill and destroy.
  • Military Organisations: Their business is war. The world needs peace.
  • Religious organisations: They exclude. The vast majority have a long history of violence. Belief is individual … always. Religious preaching is unethical.

Thank you for your understanding.


Clients I have worked with in Europe, Asia, North America and New Zealand include …

AEG; Barbeque Nation; Baxter; Bombardier; Bosch; BP; C&A; Chrysler; DaimlerChrysler Rail Systems (AdTranz); Deutsche Bank; European Commission; E-On; First Data Resources; GfK; Hannover Re; idiscoveri; Infineon; InterHannover; McKinsey; Metro; Mines Advisory Group (MAG); MoneyGram; MTR Hong Kong; Quelle; Ricardo; Shell; Siemens; Société Européenne des Satellites (S.E.S./Astra); Stiftung Entrepreneurship; T-Online; Telefunken; Unicredit

Public Administration: in Nuremberg, Germany; Wellington, New Zealand.
Chambers of Commerce: in London, UK; Nuremberg, Germany
Universities: Berlin, Munich, Passau, Witten-Herdecke, Leiden School of Management