If your organisation is not consciously trying to thrive, why does it even exist?

These programs are designed for Organisation Leaders, Consultants, Facilitators and Coaches who are serious about Cultivating Healthy Organisations and Communities which benefit everybody … using an approach that simultaneously reduces unnecessary costs and increases profits. Why wouldn’t you want to do this?

Consider yourself invited to Question and reflect on the narratives that we currently live by, many of which are grounded in dubious ethics and values.
We can do better … far better.

All programs are scheduled at regular intervals for public registration.
Customised In-House Programs can be scheduled as required. Please contact me ( for details.

While the descriptions here are in English, all programs can be facilitated in English or German.

I am always open to cooperation with organisations that share my ethics and values in placing people at the core of any work. Do feel free to contact me ( to schedule an initial conversation.

cultureQs Impulse Workshops

cultureQs Impulse Workshops are intensive experiential sessions of 90 or 120 minutes, that enable participants to experience the power of Meaningful Conversations that Matter.

These unique approaches enable participants and decision makers discover the vital information hidden in the liminal space between the contexts of a living system … while uncovering the hidden potential inherent in all groups.

They can be facilitated in English or German, and are ideal for:

  1. Conferences;
  2. Open registration evening sessions;
  3. Short corporate learning events.

All these approaches can be designed as the core of a focused intervention.

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