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Intercultural Glossary

Intercultural Glossary This Intercultural Glossary reflects my beliefs, values and life experience. I am well-aware that some of the definitions here may reflect neither those to be found in standard references nor common usage. This is conscious, as common usage is frequently inaccurate, superficial or even deliberately misleading, in that it may follow a hidden Read More

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Purpose, Motivation, Engagement

Purpose, Motivation, Engagement We so often hear business leaders talking about the challenge of motivating people. They don’t understand. We can’t positively motivate anyone. Motivation is intrinsic. However, where there is a clear business need, we can invite people to engage in any change process by genuinely appealing to their emotions … purpose drives us. Read More

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We don’t need borders

We don’t need borders This is a border between two countries. Why? “Those who have no fence around their land have no enemies.” (Burundi Proverb) There are approximately 200 countries in the world today (2013), which means hundreds of artificial dividing lines between places and people in our world. And the fact that this number Read More

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Multiple Interpretations and Opportunities

While discussing this question with an experienced colleague during a brief cultureQs demonstration a few days ago, we yet again discovered the multiple interpretations that could apply to so many questions and thereby also the opportunities they present to any team. We found ourselves talking about “your culture”: whether it refers to the norms in Read More


Most Projects Fail … But they needn’t

Most projects fail. Most management teams experience people-related conflict. This is a business problem. It’s not just expensive. It’s a totally unnecessary waste of money, as well as being a drain on people’s psychological resources – which can be more expensive and disturbing still. Projects fail due to people problems. People problems are business problems. Read More

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The cultureQs Story

The cultureQs Story I’m frequently asked how I got the idea for cultureQs. And like so many apparently simple Questions in life, the answer is fairly complex. The brief answer that only tells part of the story … The idea for the cultureQs format arose from a client challenge, expressing a clear need. In 2002, Read More