Culture is the Soul of the Organisation

Culture lies at the core of who the organisation is, determining the life that management, employees, customers, suppliers, and all other stakeholders experience.

And this in turn determines how it works and the outcomes (results) that emerge.

A healthy organisation needs to nurture its soul: an organisation, like a human being is a dynamic living entity, forever evolving.

Healthy intrinsically motivated people engage.
… They create value for themselves and the organisation;
… results improve;
… the business benefits and grows;
… new opportunities arise.

So … why is it that relatively few organisations seem to recognise this?

So many wasted resources
So much untapped potential

Now, what’s your next step?

First Questions:

  • Why does your organisation exist? (Purpose)
  • How do you want your life to BE?
  • How are you going to enable this?

The Questions may be challenging, but once you are clear about the answers, the work may be far easier than many people realise …