How can we ensure that our Organisation Culture Change Initiative adds Value?

We can’t “ensure” anything. Life is uncertain; it doesn’t do sure.

We can, however, actively work on Cultivating an Environment that enables the Organisation to Thrive. Indeed … If an organisation is not consciously trying to thrive, why does it even exist?
And here, we have a pointer to the prime responsibility of the Organisation’s Leadership.

Value is far more than the conventional narrow-focus on financial gain. True value is only generated when everybody in the whole community benefits … and the boundary of the organisation is not the boundary of the organisation’s system, its community. It extends far beyond … And in case you are still focused on the financials (yes, they are important, very important), you may just discover that these improve too when people are given the opportunity to contribute to an organisation they actually identify with. It’s part of BEing human.
Everybody matters.
Everything matters.

This is precisely the focus of the 10-week online Program: Cultivating a Healthy Organisation. The work is relational, encompassing the whole system. It’s not hard work because its enjoyable. Cultivation is continuous generative work … never ending …

Cultivating Healthy Organisations – Program Brochure: Cultivating Healthy Organisations Open-Enrolment Program Brochure

We are now accepting registrations for the next group, beginning on 11th May 2021.

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The value always lies in the whole. The healthier the environment, the greater the propensity for generating value for all … associated with the living organism that is the organisation.