VUCA – So what? …

VUCA is an acronym created by the US military (a bad start) that has become trendy while pretending to describe the unique situation of our world today. It doesn’t. It describes the narrow mechanistic mindset of those who created the term.

V – Volatility. U – Uncertainty. C – Complexity . A – Ambiguity.

The world is complex. Fact. Always has been, always will be. Nothing is new.
The world is dynamic and change is ubiquitous. Fact. Always has been, always will be.
Volatility, Uncertainty, Ambiguity are simply features of the complex dynamic that is our world.

While the term itself may be relatively new, claims that VUCA can describe our world today and not that of yesterday could be simply described as VACUous.

The degree of volatility is greater today than in the past. Only this is new – and to an extent, a product of the mechanistic greed-fuelled mindset prevalent in so many of our systems.

Have we lost the ability to see the beauty in life?