Cultivating Healthy Organisations
Session 3:
Fundamental Characteristics of Organisation Health

  • What do you understand by Health?
  • Which factors do you consider when speaking of the Health of your organisation?

When I ask these or similar Questions while working with senior management teams, responses generally lack a holistic perspective as well as recognition of the relational nature of everything in life.

When we consider classical organisation structures, as well as the pressures faced by so many, if not the majority of people holding senior nominal leadership roles, it is perhaps not so surprising that they get sucked into the narrow channels that demand their immediate focus. They too are Human BEings.
Nevertheless, only by working with the organisation as one holistic entity can we cultivate its health.

Here we can see the 13 core characteristics of Organisation Health.
None are independent. All are intricately intertwined, therefore inter-related with one another. As reflections of the organisation’s culture, it is essential to recognise and work with their dynamics.

In this session, we’re going to examine what these characteristics mean, how they are related with one another and encourage reflections on how a focus on these principles could benefit your organisation.

Do come and join us.
Organisation Health is far too important an issue to be left to experts in the health sector.

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