Cultivating Healthy Organisations
A cultureQs Impulse Workshop


Beyond Engagement

Organisations are living organisms in which everything is interrelated and interdependent.
They are complex, dynamic, continuously changing and, notwithstanding claims to the contrary, unpredictable. Unfortunately, the vast majority of corporations, small businesses, institutions and not-for-profit organisations operate from a Cartesian mindset which results in compartmentalization, fragmented thinking, lack of true collaboration, wasted resources, unmotivated and often overstressed employees, and additional unhealthy characteristics.

Cultivating Healthy Corporations constitutes Organisation Culture Change. While it is not rocket science, it does require intensive finely-tuned deep work. Ultimately, it’s far more profitable … and enjoyable.

This practical interactive session will combine a talk with an invitation to experience approaches that I have successfully used to Facilitate Culture Change in organisations around the world. There will be ample time for Questions.

Please contact me to schedule a session with your organisation: