The Power of Dialogue – An Introduction

One of my key learnings from 40 years of working with people in organisations throughout the world is that … People want to contribute. They are looking for opportunities to engage positively with one another, their work and the organisation in which they work.

Unfortunately, in most organisations, the wealth of experience inherent in any group tends to get swamped by those with official and unofficial power. Others go under. They feel unheard, less able to contribute and ultimately, insufficiently valued. In the end, they work by going through the motions and not really contributing. The economic and psychological costs are enormous, indeed, barely measurable.

Quantum Physicist, David Bohm (1917-1992), recognised the problem and gifted us the concept of Dialogue, one of the most powerful approaches I have experienced for permitting collective meaning in groups to emerge. Using Dialogue, I have experienced high-level teams moving from stuck-mode to generative mode very quickly.

It [Dialogue] is a process which explores an unusually wide range of human experience: our closely held values, the nature and intensity of human emotions, the patterns of our thought processes, the function of memory, the import of inherited cultural myths, and the manner in which neurophysiology structures moment-to-moment experience.”  – David Bohm

In this introductory impulse workshop, you will have the opportunity to experience the power of Dialogue, as well as reflecting, both individually and as a group, on your insights.

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