Shaping a Dynamic Generative Team/Project Culture … Quickly … with cultureQs
A cultureQs Impulse Workshop

If you don’t enable your people to focus and align together
on the work on which they should be cooperating,
you can never expect them to act as an integrated team or group.

How often have you considered the financial and social (which is also financial) consequences of unnecessary conflict especially during the mobilisation phase of a new management or project team?

And let’s be honest … these conflicts are perfectly natural interactions IF … the people are focused solely on the technical side of their business. It happens all the time.

Now imagine … What could happen IF … the team or group were focused together on building the relationships that enable technical initiatives become successful?

This is the idea behind cultureQs®.


In this compact interactive Workshop, you will experience how fast teams can lay the foundation for true collaboration, i.e. integrate and build trust, by using cultureQs® at the start of any new initiative.

Following a brief introduction, groups will experience the power of cultureQs®, then they will get a taste of the intensive sense-making phase that follows the experience. There will be plenty of time for Questions and a brief presentation of the background to this approach.
About cultureQs

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